Owen’s Picks

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Looking back on 2016, a lot happened in the music world.  Legends passed on and in their place, new talents emerged.  Here is a small collection of playlists specially curated to start your 2017 off right, remember the past and look on to the future.

New Hip-Hop Classics: “We The People” A Tribe Called Quest, “Beat the Case” Ab-Soul (feat. Schoolboy Q), “Ville Mentality” J. Cole, “Sidewalks” The Weeknd (feat. Kendrick Lamar), “Free Lunch” Isaiah Rashad, “Untitled 08” Kendrick Lamar, “Real Friends” Kanye West, “Ramona Park Legend Pt. 2” Vince Staples

Need A Stress Reliever?: “Good Guy” Frank Ocean, “Live That Long” Lewis Del Mar, “Left Hand Free” Alt-J, “Float On” Modest Mouse, “Perm” Bruno Mars, “A List of Withouts- Instrumental” Oddisee, “The Journey” Tom Misch, “Always Waiting” Michael Kiwanuka

Feeling Nostalgic: “Moonage Daydream” David Bowie, “Star People” George Michael, “I Am The Walrus” The Beatles, “Sparks” Coldplay, “Step Inside Love / Los Paranoias” The Beatles, “Doves Cry” Prince, “Bennie And The Jets” Frank Sinatra, “Shine” Leon Bridges

Indie Mood: “Life Itself” Glass Animals, “Have Some Love” Childish Gambino, “BRNT” Hippie Castle (feat. Emfe Horns), “Mad Sounds” Arctic Monkeys, “Cold Cold Cold” Cage The Elephant, “Wicked Waters” Benjamin Booker, “Good Bunch” Beaty Heart, “Tighten Up” The Black Keys