Letters from the Editors

Letters from the Editors are a welcome to every issue of the High-O-Scope. Here is a compilation of all of them, starting September 2016. Most recent letters are on the top.


ISSUE III: NOVEMBER 2016 Wow! I can’t believe that it is already November. Some days go by so quickly, while others seem to drag on and on. Seniors are feeling pressured with the impending college application deadlines, juniors are just starting to realize how hard AP classes actually can be, and the sophomores and freshmen are staring in dismay at all the homework teachers are piling on them. Then add on sports, clubs, volunteering, family duties and other extracurriculars on there, and ask yourself, “When am I planning on sleeping?”. But seriously, if you have to choose between the all-nighter and getting some sleep, choose sleep. Actual scientific studies show that students who got a good night’s sleep before a test scored better than those who didn’t. And, it’s more important to be awake at school where you’re actually learning the material. So before you gulp down that energy drink and wash your face with cold water, think about how much your grade will suffer when all of that information you crammed into your head is suddenly gone when your teacher hands you the test. It might seem hard, but trust us. You’ll thank us later.

We have a great November issue, and we hope you all enjoy! Just like most CHS students, this issue is packed with activities and events. Read about some of the many things that are offered at this school, like clubs, plays, and sports! As usual, come visit us on Wednesday’s in Mr. King’s room.

ISSUE II: OCTOBER 2016 Welcome to this year’s second issue of the High-O-Scope! A little background for those who are new to our paper:

The Scope was originally founded at CHS in 1919, but faded out around 2007. Many people do not know, but the origins of the rebirth of the High-O-Scope came about in the wake of the Burn Book controversy of two years ago, when CHS students were able to anonymously comment about each other online, leading to many debates among students about where lines should be drawn between communication and bullying;  individual privacy and school-connectedness.

The High-O-Scope is an important outlet for CHS students, allowing the student body to communicate with each other in a unique way. It allows students to voice their opinions on key issues respectfully, and keeps students connected with their peers. To further this mission, however, we need your support. Come to Mr. King’s room at lunch on Wednesdays or contact us with any comments, concerns, or ideas you may have. Because, above all, the High-O-Scope was created to serve you.


ISSUE I: SEPTEMBER 2016 Welcome (back)  classes of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020! We’re proud to present the first issue of this year’s High-O-Scope. In here you’ll find information specific to CHS that you can’t find anywhere else. The High-O-Scope offers a unique point of view: the students of CHS. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of that voice and give you the information you  need to know. Subscribe to our website for breaking news, and keep your eyes open for the paper copy- a new issue every month! Available in the library and select teacher’s rooms.