Dear Eupheme

Dear Eupheme is the CHS version of Dear Abby. Eupheme was a common name in ancient Greece and it means well-spoken, articulate, and eloquent. For those not familiar with the Dear Abby concept, it is an advice column based on anonymous questions asked by readers. Submit your questions below. Newest responses will be at the top. 

Dear Eupheme: I am a freshman this year, and I’ve noticed that grades are more important now than they were in middle school. How can I keep from being completely overwhelmed? -Dazed and Confused

Dear Dazed and Confused,
It’s a well-known fact that the transition between middle school and high school is startling and eye-opening. Colleges will look at your grades and your cumulative GPA, which your freshman year grades have influence on. Therefore they are more important than middle school. When adjusting to the high school environment, it is important to not become overwhelmed with the pressures you may have. In addition to classes and homework, you might play sports, be part of a club or other extracurricular activity. If you being to feel like the pressure is too much and you begin to slip, always go to your teachers, they are here to help you! It’s crucial to iron out study habits early, so you are not scrambling later in your high school career. This includes not procrastinating!! (I do it all the time and it always bites me later). There is a large portion of students that let the failures of their freshman year impact their entire secondary education, and some students end up dropping out because of it. Just remember that if you are struggling, you have resources and people who are willing to help you succeed.